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Estate Planning & Probate

At SBLG, we have extensive experience assisting clients in estate planning. As a CPA and a Tax Attorney I am uniquely qualified to assist in your planning for the future needs of your family while also being able to assist with the tax aspects associated with this

planning. We also assist with handling your family’s probate matters. We recognize that this can be an extremely stressful time for you dealing with the loss or deterioration of the quality of life for your love one. Unfortunately, while going through the loss of a loved one unexpected fights can stir up within your family and friends, so we will assist you before this happens through carefully planning for your loved ones future. I have personally experienced this while being retained as an expert witness to discuss complex estate tax issues for a beneficiary that was suing his sister (personal representative) in reference to the probate of the will. This particular estate tax issue could have been avoided with adequate planning and follow-up.

During this time, you need to be able to pass the ball to someone that you can trust while you manage the difficult time in your life. SBLG is here for you, give us a call      to discuss your Estate Planning & Probate needs. Below is a sample list of our service areas in Estate Planning & Probate:

  • Drafting of Wills, and Codicils;

  • Drafting of Living Trusts;

  • Drafting of Supplemental /
    Special Needs Trusts;

  • Drafting of Power of Attorney;

Power of Attorney
Senior man talking with his adult sons i
  • Drafting of Medical Directives

  • Elder Law;

  • Probate and Administration.;

  • Will and Trust Contests;

  • Guardianship;

  • Estate Planning.

In Good Hands

For questions related to your

"Estate Planning & Probate" concerns

please                            for a free consultation.

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