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Tax Law & Representation

At SBLG, we have extensive experience with assisting clients in all areas of Taxation including Individual, Fiduciary, Estate, Corporate, Partnerships, Limited-Liability Companies and Nonprofit Organizations. When you are tasked with tax problems and concerns, give us a call     . We can assist you in becoming compliant, arranging a settlement or payment arrangement. Most cases can be resolved without any appearance needed from you. As a Dually Licensed CPA and Tax Attorney, I am uniquely qualified to represent you in tax related matters that may be brought in Florida State Courts, Federal District Courts and the United States Tax Court. This also means that we are able to take care of your unique tax situation in-house. See the brief sample of some of the tax issues that we have been successful in assisting our clients:

  • Stopping Levies and properly securing the Discharge/Withdrawal of Liens;

  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service including Special Revenue Agents, Compliance and Appeals Officers;

  • Representation before various State Governments in reference to Individual and Corporate tax matters;

  • Negotiating and Settlement of Tax Assessments;

  • Penalty Abatement Requests;

  • Offer and Compromise;

  • Amendments to Prior Year Returns;

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  • Individual Tax Return Preparation;

  • Business, Corporate & Estate
    Tax Return Preparation;

  • Collection Due Process Hearings;

  • Equivalent Collection Hearings;

  • Installment Agreements;

  • Criminal & Investigative Tax Matters.

For questions related to your

"Tax Law & Representation" concerns

please                            for a free consultation.

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