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Why Us?


This is the first question that you should be asking yourself when choosing the right attorney for your important business situation. At SBLG, we pride ourselves in listening to your concerns, planning and researching your issue if necessary and then advising you with our recommendations and solutions, to resolve your situation. We are able to accomplish this using our winning formula for success.

We solely focus our practice on providing Business Law solutions, Counseling, Negotiation, Prevention and we are willing to Litigate when necessary. We are compassionate to our clients’ situations while also being a strong advocate under the law. We do not claim to be a “jack of all trades” type of law firm, but rather we specialize solely in Business Law related practice areas.

2 We require our staff to keep current with newly enacted tax and business laws. We accomplish this with our experience and the use of the latest technology. During these trying times in our country, COVID-19 has enhanced the importance of technology and it’s relevance to business survival. With video conferences, satellite meetings, social distancing through limited gathering, our firm is prepared to handle the current global business climate status. Our staff has the unique experience of working directly with non-profits, 501(c)(3) organizations including churches, homeowners’ associations, individuals and other business professionals and companies.

3 We are a group of professionals that have been in the same shoes that you may find yourself in. As a business owner of my own CPA firm for more than 17 years, I have personally experienced the ups and down, the rises and the pitfalls that come with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs must be unselfish in order to be successful and that is why we are aware that employees, rent and other essential expenses are paid before we can take care of ourselves. This concept is engraved in each successful entrepreneur - it is Business 101. Each entrepreneur also knows that they need to plan, have a budget, make, and implement goals while properly monitoring your progress. As your Business/Tax Attorney and Counselor of Law, I will personally assist you with the winning equation to reach your unique goals.

Congratulations!! You have made a great decision in reading our case points on why we are the perfect firm to build a business relationship with you and your team, and we are sure that we have  provided  you  the  overwhelming
1-2-3 Punch above to win over your confidence, relationship and trust!!!                                       
Meet Our Team!

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