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Real Estate & Construction

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Construction Workers
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At SBLG, we will be there to assist you in working with your real estate and construction law concerns. As a CPA, I have worked on various construction projects including mega churches, non-profits organizations as they have successfully built their village/community center, sanctuary, restaurant, and gymnasium. We have the experience needed to work with your professional team to ensure that your construction project is a success. We understand the unique loan qualifications necessary for bank financing for construction projects, and assisted in various opportunities for my clients to obtain construction loans. We have also worked with various Homeowners’ Associations and Condominium Associations and are aware of the uniqueness of this type of business. The majority of these associations are small in nature and we understand how important it is to protect the interest of these associations. SBLG is here for you, give us a call      to discuss your Real Estate & Construction Law needs. Below is a sample list of our service areas in Real Estate & Construction Law:


  • Prepare and Review Settlement Documents;

  • Bank Loan Preparation;

  • Construction Projects;

  • Prepare and Review AIA Contracts;

  • HOA & Condominium Collections;

  • HOA & Condominium Covenant

  • Landlord-Tenant Concerns.

For questions related to your
 "Real Estate & Construction" concerns

please                           for a free consultation.

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